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My Sailor's Defender Mug Navy Spouse Military Appreciation Day

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a chance to appreciate everything that our military spouses do. From holding down the home front and serving their own loved ones who are serving, to struggling with 20% – 25% unemployment rates despite high education levels, and giving back to their communities in volunteerism …

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Men’s Wedding Rings: How to Choose One He’ll Love

mens wedding ring

Once you’re officially engaged, it’s time to start thinking about men’s wedding rings. Have you already read plenty of articles on choosing a woman’s engagement ring? There are so many articles talking about how much money you should or shouldn’t spend on your girl’s ring. My fiancĂ© and I had spent plenty of time looking …

Boot Camp, Distance

Dear Navy Recruit: Survive Boot Camp Separation

Surviving Boot Camp Separation

When my boyfriend left for boot camp, we had only ever known long distance dating. We had only spent five days together in person. Still, even being used to being physically apart, we spoke every single day for months. I didn’t know how I was going to handle the boot camp separation. I just knew …