About My Sailor’s Defender

Launched for the tenacious new generation of Navy military significant others (milSOs) who hold down the home front, this site is a growing community of women stationed across the globe.

From surviving your first mandated separation while your sailor is in boot camp to becoming a pro at handling deployments, My Sailor’s Defender is a resource for milspouses and milSOs to access our collective wisdom and experience.

Our tribe is filled with friends and mentors who get it – and you never have to say goodbye to them just because it’s time to PCS again.

Being a military spouse can be really scary and isolating, but it gets easier once you realize tons of other spouses have had those deployment nightmares, too, and they’re here to help you manage your fears.

As a Navy spouse myself, I know what this life is like because I’m living through it. I learn more every day and share those lessons with you so that you can traverse the same path with grace and confidence.

You belong here if …

  • Your significant other is in the military
  • You’re ready to meet long-term friends
  • You want to help other SOs who are going through the same things as you
  • You don’t buy into the idea that spouses have to give up their careers; you’re ready to find a better way.

We are so ready to welcome you with open arms! (If your S.O. is in boot camp, check out my free 4-day course Master Your New Life as a MilSO.)

You may be in the wrong place if …

  • Your cousin’s best friend’s dog’s owner is the only military member in your life
  • You don’t want any more friends and you’re never lonely
  • You aren’t interested in helping a friendly milSO
  • You think spouses should give up their careers
  • You think spouses are “dependas” if they choose to be a stay at home Mom or they don’t have a job

We can still be friends, but you may not have much to gain from hanging out here.

About Kate

When I first met the man I would marry, he had already signed up for the Navy but it was a full calendar year before he left for boot camp.

I was totally new to military-everything, so I turned to the MilSO blogs who had been through it all. I gleaned every piece of information I could get online, especially when we were apart during boot camp, but it was never enough. There were so many posts about what to put in deployment care packages, but who’s writing about sailors on submarines that may not receive mail? I was inspired to share my stories with others who are in the same boat.

My blog exists so when another milSO has that tiny yet burning question while their sailor’s away for the first time, we can have an answer waiting and a community that reminds them they are far from alone.

I see the fierceness in those who walk this path, willing to fight tooth and nail for their service member.

Welcome home, Defender. You’ve found your tribe.



Navy Wife and her Sailor