beachbody coach career work from home girlboss military spouse
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Military Spouse Works from Home as BeachBody Coach

Who the eff is Dani anyway?

beachbody coach career work from home girlboss military spouse

Okay so you’re a BeachBody coach. We’ll get to that in a second. Let’s talk about your life as a military spouse. Can you tell us a little about what your husband does?

My husband was on a submarine for his first 5 years in the Navy as a torpedoman, currently we are on shore duty where he gets to build the torpedos he used to do maintenance on while aboard the sub.

Outside of work and spending time with the hubby, what do you love to do?

I LOVE being outside! Any activity where I can be in nature is right up my alley — hiking, kayaking, or even just laying on the beach with a good book. I also practice calligraphy which most people don’t know about LOL

What did you do for work before you tried coaching? How come that didn’t work out?

I was working in an office for a solid 10 years (age 15-25) and along the way had to get a second job as a server while going to college. I eventually had to quit those jobs to move to Arizona for nursing school which I ended up dropping out of so I could be closer to my (now) husband.

Then I got a job at the local Whole Foods in Hawaii, and while I wasn’t expecting it to be an amazing job to begin with, I was miserable there. I was never able to spend time with my husband on the rare occasion that he wasn’t out at sea and it just wasn’t worth it FOR US anymore. So that was the turning point where I took my part-time coaching gig into full-time and even though it was scary AF, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!!

How many times have you PCS’ed?

Just once! Moved from Hawaii to Virginia November 2016

And your BeachBody coach job moves with you because it’s on the internet! How long have you been coaching?

I’ve been a coach for 4 years now! And I’ve lived in 4 different states since I started.

What exactly is online “coaching”? Are you a trained fitness and nutrition expert?

I get this question A LOT and in the beginning all my friends thought I was becoming a personal trainer, which I find hilarious because that’s so opposite of my introverted personality! Taking on the role as a “coach” has nothing to do with your qualifications or being an expert or having six-pack abs. The workout programs and nutrition plans we use are all created by the fitness & nutrition pros, so we leave it to them.

My job is to share with others my victories & struggles along my personal fitness journey and show them that they can do it too. If someone is inspired by what I’m doing and they want in, I simply give them the tools I use to become successful and help them achieve their goals along way!

You completed 80 Day Obsession! Was it hell? Was it worth it?

Ok so here’s the deal. There’s no denying it was super intimidating at first, 80 days is a long freaking time to commit to a workout program. I have only successfully completed 30 days of a 60 day program prior to this, so I knew I had to mentally prepare myself.

The funny thing is though, I never once felt like quitting. Every day was a different workout so I wasn’t bored (which is usually my issue), my body had to keep guessing what was next. And I think that’s why I felt so refreshed throughout the entire program. But the best part about it was the timed-nutrition component. I still eat like this since completing the program 2 weeks ago! It can definitely be adopted as a lifestyle way of eating!

Okay I don’t know about you but the first time I heard about this all I could think is Pyramid Scheme. According to The Balance, here’s the difference between an MLM and a Pyramid Scheme:

“The big difference between multilevel marketing and a pyramid scheme is in the way the business operates. The entire purpose of a pyramid scheme is to get your money and then use you to recruit other suckers (ahem – distributors). The entire purpose of MLM is to move product.”

Is there anything you’d like to add for skeptics among us that your job is legit and not evil/illegal/a money pit?

First off, if it was illegal Beachbody would’ve been shut down YEARS ago but instead this company has been thriving for almost 20 years now AND is accredited by the Better Business Bureau as a great network marketing company. This isn’t the case for all MLM’s though because other companies run their business models a little different. And in pyramid schemes there’s only one person at the top, and they’re making all the money.

I personally have watched coaches in Beachbody surpass their own upline (the person they signed-up with) because there’s room for everyone at the “top” in this business model. And it’s truly where teamwork comes in because I can’t be successful if my coaches on my team aren’t successful.

Are there aspects of coaching that is hard to reconcile with a military spouse lifestyle?

I personally haven’t had any issues, this job makes everything easier to be honest. I have more time to spend with my husband when he’s home, I can travel to see family without requesting time off work, and I never have to worry about finding a job ever again just because we’re PCS-ing (which that alone takes out so much stress)!

beachbody coach career work from home girlboss military spouse

You mentioned on Instagram that you gave yourself a 200% raise. Does that mean you were making pennies up until now?

It’s kind of a funny story. So I was getting things ready for my taxes and was calculating how much I made this year so far and to my surprise I had already made my 2017 income in the first 4 months of 2018! I was surprised because my work efforts haven’t really changed that much, I’ve just been CONSISTENT. And if you’ve ever heard of the Compound Effect, that’s exactly what took place. Consistent actions repeated over time will all of a sudden gain momentum and take off!

When I first moved in with my husband, I had no job and felt like a lazy bum because I wasn’t financially contributing. Even though he was totally ok with it, I have a hard time not earning my own money and having to rely on someone else to support me — which I’m sure a lot of military spouses feel! When we moved to VA, my husband took a significant pay-cut. Being able to contribute to our household, get us both out of student loan debt, and have some fun money on the side is the best feeling ever!

It sounds like your job has a lot of awesome personal rewards like working from anywhere at any time and the ability to scale your income with your effort and skill. What are the best ways your job lets you help OTHER people, too?

My favorite part about my job is getting to be apart of the transformation my clients & coaches go through into better versions of themselves. It’s really an incredible thing to witness them overcome their struggles and leading more fulfilling lives. And I’m not there to drill-sergeant them into working out and eating on a strict meal plan, I’m in the trenches with them to figure out how they can make this work in THEIR life.

What if coaching is too much work for me, can I just participate in the workouts and the groups?

Absolutely! I run a 3 week group once a month. If you need a community to support you on your health & fitness journey, come virtually hang out with us!

What do you think are the most important traits for other people who want to find success as a BeachBody coach?

What I always tell a new coach that’s starting out is to treat this like your fitness journey! Be consistent with your actions, even when you feel like it’s not working (this is where the Compound Effect comes in again!) or you “don’t feel like it” — do them anyway. Trust the process!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell a fellow military spouse who’s looking for a career that fits with our lifestyle?

For a long time I was told I needed a college degree. And while I think it’s a great accomplishment, I don’t think it’s your only choice. I was going to college to make my parents happy but didn’t really love any of the majors I thought I’d be interested in. I bounced around between schools a lot and realized it’s just not for me. Coaching was my dream job I never knew existed. So for the love, just do what lights your soul on fire!

“Never let schooling interfere with your education.” – Mark Twain

beachbody coach career work from home girlboss military spouse

If someone’s got more questions about what you do, where should they reach out to you?

They can reach me through my blog or email me at

You can also follow Dani on Instagram or Facebook.


If you’ve ever thought about coaching as a side gig or a career, what held you back? Share in the comments!

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